Friday, March 5, 2010

Making Things Complete

Genesis 2:18-25

Recently I was in Grayson Highland State Park in Virginia doing a bit of camping and hiking with some Brothers.  It was wet, cold and windy, just what you're looking for in a day of outdoor adventure.    I love being in the woods.  There is something comforting and warm about being amongst the trees, even when it is cold.  There is a sense of closeness, as if the wilderness is some how holding you or protecting you.  (I wonder if this is the way Adam felt in the Garden and then was struct by the stark contrast of the outside world when they were forced to leave.)

One of the park trails takes you through the woods alongside a beautiful stream with some nice waterfalls. The sights and sounds of the flowing water were beautiful. I could not help but be awed in some sense by this small part of Creation.  I could only think of one thing that could have made it more beautiful, more complete.  That one thing was to have my wife with me.  I was with great, dear friends who love the Lord Jesus, but somehow there was something, no someone, missing that could complete the moment, complete the Creation.  It was my wife.  (And I'm thankful to still be so mushy in love with my wife after eighteen and a half years.)  In those moments, I couldn't help but think back to the Garden.

Here's Adam living in a beautiful, literally unspoiled creation

In the Garden Adam existed in relationship to both Creation and the Lord who created it.  But something was missing because the Lord said that it was not good that man was alone.  There was something missing.  Even in relationship with the Lord, there was still something missing.  Even in a Creation not yet flawed by the Fall, there was something missing.  It was Eve, a partner, a mate.  A unique relationship was missing that, in my heart and mind, not only completed humanity as a species, but completed creation, completed Adam.

That waterfall was missing something on that cold, wet, rainy day.  It wasn't complete.  I wasn't complete. It was missing my wife.  It wasn't quite as beautiful without her.  I'm so glad the Lord thought so too.

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