Friday, March 5, 2010


Matthew 4:1-11

Something struck me about method while I was reading this passage.  The enemy chose an opportune moment to attack Jesus.  After forty days in the desert, His physical weakness would have been great even if he would have had something to eat.  But interesting to me, is that we see the enemy trying to destroy Jesus from the inside in these passages.  Then, for the rest of His ministry, the enemy spent his time trying to destroy Him from the outside.

Methods haven't changed much over history.  If the enemy can't get you to surrender, then he'll enlist other people or circumstances to destroy you.  Jesus spent the rest of His ministry warding off the attacks, verbal and physical and emotional and psychological, from other people around Him.  He wouldn't surrender, so He had to be crushed by His circumstances.  Satan spent the next three years striking Jesus' heel.  Jesus spent one day on the cross and crushed Satan's head.

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